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How to put an egg in a bottle

This is an interesting experience: how to make an egg enter in a bottle without breaking the egg!

Trick explained: the fire burn up the oxygen sucking the egg inside the bottle.

Crazy motorcyclist on death Wall

This motorcyclist is really crazy.

Check him riding a vertical wall in desert.

And especially check the at what height he is doing this.

Jerome Kerviel : Societe Generale Rogue Trader

Jerome Kerviel

Jerome Kerviel was working at French Bank Société Générale .

Kerviel was today alleged to have carried out a $ 7.4 billion (€4.9 billion) banking fraud.

This Thursday Jérôme Kerviel is the most wanted trader by the police and on the internet. Medias are actively looking for him everywhere, trying to find some information about this man.

This 31-year-old trader made his fraud by investing several billion in Futures.

But strangely Kerviel didn’t have a lot of responsabilities in the Bank. He started in Societe General in 2000, he was working on back and middle-office until 2005, the year when he became in charge of activities covering Futures on European Indices.

Kerviel’s Fraud, who bet on a increase of European Indices, was found a week ago and all the trades were closed this Monday and Tuesday by Société Générale.

Jérôme Kerviel had 11 friends on Facebook this Thursday in the early day, only 4 in the afternoon and now only 1 (at the time I write these lines, Manuel Zabraniecki).

Two Groups were created on Facebook: “Ceux qui recherchent Jerome Kerviel, l’homme qui vaut 4.9 milliards!!!” with generous object “Adherent a ce groupe ceux qui seraient pret a toucher 10% de la somme en donnant des informations sur Jerome Kerviel”.
That means: “Those who are looking for Jerome Kerviel, the €4.9 billion man” with generous object “You can join this group if you are ready to earn 10% of the $7.4 billion by giving some information about Jerome Kerviel”.

Second Group (english): Finding Jerome Kerviel.

But if we think about it, how this trader who earns “only” 100 000 euros per year ($150 000, very low for this type of position) with limited responsibilities, made losing $7.4 billion to Société Générale ?

Several experts think this fraud cannot be achieved by only one person. Did Société Générale made this announcment to mask its €2 billion ($3 billion) loss due to Subprime ?

Experts say that the Bank could had rather done unsuccessful transactions in 2007 and they wanted to give a fall guy ?

How Kerviel could do this fraud without the system or anyone see it ?

A lot of questions, no answers…

A $7.4 billion company, that’s how many jobs ? 50 000, 100 000 ?

Frankly, I cannot believe it.

Video about Jerome Kerviel Rogue Trader:

Briggs-Rauscher Oscillating Reaction

This is really impressive experience captured on video.

This is the Briggs-Rauscher Oscillating color change Reaction.

“The Briggs-Rauscher reaction, also known as ‘the oscillating clock’, is one of the most common demonstrations of a chemical oscillator reaction. The reaction begins when three colorless solutions are mixed together. The color of the resulting mixture will oscillate between clear, amber, and deep blue for about 3-5 minutes. The solution ends up as a blue-black mixture.”


hydrogenperoxide 30%

potassium iodate
malonic acid
manganese(II) sulfate monohydrate
conc. H2SO4
starch, soluble

WARNING: Do not do this at Home this is dangerous and can be fatal.

Man driving a broken Bus

This bus is broken but it does not disturb the driver.

I think it’s in India.

Heath Ledger Interview for The Joker

This is one of the last interviews from Heath Ledger.

He is talking about his experiences as the Joker in Batman Dark Knight.

Ledger was found dead yesterday in New York, Soho.

We still don’t know exactly the circumstances of death. We’ll have to wait for Autopsy.

Stupid Video: Never do this

This is the first time I am so stressed when watching a video on Youtube.

These 3 guys are really stupid. They climbed a giant “grue” (I don’t know how to say the word in english?) in Paris, La Defense (France).

One of these guys is suspended with no security.

Please NEVER do this, this is like suicide.

Ginger Netvibes opens in beta

Out Netvibes, here comes Ginger.

Ginger is the new Netvibes with a social platform, 110 000 widgets, a network of contacts, an internal mail and the ability to create your own universes…

Netvibes gave beta test invitation codes everywhere on the web but this was very limited (100 invitations to the fastest people on Netvibes Blog, 500 on Techcrunch, 50 on Mashable,…) I did’nt have the chance to get one, so I won’t tell much more about Ginger.

Ginger Netvibes

Netvibes got his big buzz today when we see all bloggers talking about Ginger, especially in France.

Hey watch I’m talking about it even without invit! My god!

What Mashable says about it:

“One feature that looks to really make Netvibes more social is the 2GB of free storage space you’ll get as a registered user, giving you a type of storage system for sharing documents via your start page. […] you’ll also be able to save blog posts, images and video for yourself. These items can be shared with friends, and will also appear in your personal timeline.”

Heath Ledger is dead

Australian movie actor Heath Ledger, 28, was found dead tuesday january 22 at 3:26 pm in his appartment in Manhattan, from a possible drug overdose involving sleeping pills.

Heath Ledger was nominated for an Oscar for his performance as a gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain.

Ledger has a little girl, 2 years old Matilda that he had with ex girlfriend Michelle Williams.

He is playing the role of the joker in the movie Batman The Dark Knight that is coming on theatres this summer 2008.

Heath Ledger Michelle Williams

Here is a video of Heath Ledger playing the Joker:

And here in Brokeback Mountain:

Superbowl 2008 : Giants vs Patriots

UPDATE: 2008 Super Bowl Results here.

Superbowl 42 2008 will be New York Giants vs New England Patriots.

Giants def. Green Bay Packers 23-20.

Patriots def. San Diego Chargers 21-12.

Official Site Superbowl:

Official Arizona 2008 SuperBowl:

Super Bowl History Results:

Superbowl Giants Patriots

Tecktonik Dance

Tecktonik is a new dance invented by two frenchies.

It’s inspired from Techno, Hardstyle and Hip Hop dances.

Tecktonik come from Tecktonik Killer events by Rungis (Paris) Metropolis Bar.

Tecktonik is a registered Trademark by french man Cyril Blanc.

Video Jey-jey “Wantek”:

Mondotek Video:

Best of Tecktonik:

John Rambo Trailer

John Rambo

John Rambo is back in Rambo 4. Here is the trailer below.

There is a lot of violence in the movie and the Sylvester Stallone‘s style aka Rambo is still there for the big pleasure of the fans.

Release date USA: 25 janvier

Official website:

Macartney Ski terrible fall

Very impressive fall that had Scott Macartney on saturday in Kitzbühel.

Images are a little bit shocking but I decide to show them because I just learn that the american guy is SAFE. He has been brought out of an induced coma and is recovering well.

Death or paralysis was very close for this guy but fortunately he was lucky.

Macartney had a cranio-cerebral traumatism and was placed in artificial coma after his fall.

The speed of Alpine skiers is about 90 miles per hour where Macartney felt.

Macartney Fall Video :

First Dog-Cat Match

This is the official first Dog-Cat couple ever.

The wedding is planned this month and the new lovers are so excited about this.

I wish them a long life with love and many kids 🙂

This is one of the most cute animals videos I saw:

The Loving Cat-Dog Video:

Star Trek XI Teaser Trailer

Here the Star Trek XI Teaser trailer.

USA Release is 25 December 2008.

Synopsis: A chronicle of the early days of James T. Kirk and his fellow USS Enterprise crew members.

With Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine, Winona Ryder, Simon Pegg, Jennifer Morrison, Karl Urban.

This is the first real teaser, here is the Star Trek XI video:

Star Trek 11 Teaser.

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