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Sarah Palin Got Pranked by Nicolas Sarkozy

Nice job by “Les Justiciers Masqués“, 2 guys from Quebec Canada Radio CKOI.

Sarah Palin Got Pranked.

Marc-Antoine Audette and Sébastien Trudel talk on the Phone to Palin as if it was French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Listen to the joke:

Zelist : a Directory WordPress Plugin (for WP 2.7 +)

Nice job from french man Malaiac who just launched a nice Directory WordPress plugin for Worpress 2.7 + :codename Zelist.

I was waiting exactly this kind of plugin for a while !!  (directory wp plugins already exist but they are not very cool. I hope Malaiac will give us Zeplugin and will be able to make it happen with time) !

Zelist works only with WordPress 2.7 and higher but Hey nice, WordPress 2.7 beta 1 just released.

I will wait for next versions because I don’t like so much alpha-beta versions…

To see the tool working, go to Zelist demo (french).

Nice add-on : you can also import an existing Freeglobes directory in Zelist.

I would love a Paypal integration and automatic tool to check reciprocal links. Would be nice in the Future.

The Love Rocks

Man and Woman Sex Rocks or the Love Rocks…

Red October : 2008

Red October is over.

One of the worst months of Markets History.

Here are the numbers for October 2008:

S&P500 lost -16.9 %

Dow Jones -14.75 %

Nasdaq -14.06 %

TSX -16.9 %

CAC 40 -13.52 %

Tokyo -24.5 %

A month to forget for investors around the world…. now waiting for the 4th november US Elections.

Halloween 2008


Happy Halloween 2008 to all !

Google comes again with a terrific logo.

Friday night this is costumes, candies and party time !

Halloween is mainly celebrated in Irland, Canada, USA and UK.

France also started this tradition a few years ago.

2009 Compact Calendar

2009 Compact Calendar is now ready for download!

This amazing calendar is created by David Seah (a productivity specialist) and it is … FREE. Everybody can have his own by donloading it and print it on just a single page.

All the year is visible on 1 page with staturory holidays on this tool.

Download Compact Calendar 2009 edition USA Version.

Available also for Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK and others countries and languages.

New Montreal Logo : nice or not ?

(images 24heures et Canoé)

$ 487 000 for the New Montreal logo. It will represent Montreal city around the world.

200 000 dollars will be added to promote it.

For the price I hope it must be nice! Ok not so bad, no ?


Video: Houdini Dog climbing a tree

This dog is crazy ! He is climbin a tree and goes away.

Houdini dog or is he a monkey ?

Obama Infomercial Video

Barack Obama took tonight october 29 prime time (8:00 PM eastern time) to make a final pitch in a commercial video (informercial).

30 minutes on seven television channels at the same time!

The infomercial was on CBS, NBC, FOX, MSNBC, TV One, CNN, Univision (Spanish audience), BET (Black audience) and costed about 5 million dollars on the total of 660 Million dollars available for Obama Campaign.

Here is the Obama commercial video: American Stories, American Solutions

Rate My Prof

Rate My Professor is the biggest listing of of collegiate professor ratings.

Database: 1 million professors, 6000 schools and almost 7 million reviews (ratings).

This website is online since 1999 and it is available not only in US but also in Canada, England, Scotland and Wales.

In France such a project was controversed with and the Law decided that the founders must not display the full name of the professors.


Stop Rowing !

Stop Rowing ! Stop Rowing ! OMG ! Dangerous

50 Cent = just 0.33 euro

 50 Cent is not so much in Euro

How to understand customers

Like this.

Business with client is sometimes very hard, sometimes so easy 🙂

Beer Problem

No comment.

Amy Borkowsky: 3 million dollar Super Bowl girl

Amy Borkowsky, a young single girl want to pay herself a Super Bowl Ad to find Love.

Profile: 5’6, 110 lbs, age  confidential (about 30-35 I guess).

Cost : 3 million dollars for a a 30 seconds ad for 2009 superbowl.

Audience : 60 millions singles males during the match on TV February 1st 2009 in Tampa, Florida.

Her story is going to make a big buzz around the world and she “only” has $2,998,569 to find.

To help her project Amy launched a website called

Young woman is actress and author of best sellersAmy’s Answering Machine: Messages from Mom” et “Statements: True Tales of Life, Love, and Credit Card Bills”.

3 millions it’s pretty big and I doubt she will succeed but everybody can have a chance!

And Good News if you give more than 10 000 dollars you will be invited to her wedding 🙂

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