Amy Borkowsky: 3 million dollar Super Bowl girl

Amy Borkowsky, a young single girl want to pay herself a Super Bowl Ad to find Love.

Profile: 5’6, 110 lbs, age  confidential (about 30-35 I guess).

Cost : 3 million dollars for a a 30 seconds ad for 2009 superbowl.

Audience : 60 millions singles males during the match on TV February 1st 2009 in Tampa, Florida.

Her story is going to make a big buzz around the world and she “only” has $2,998,569 to find.

To help her project Amy launched a website called

Young woman is actress and author of best sellersAmy’s Answering Machine: Messages from Mom” et “Statements: True Tales of Life, Love, and Credit Card Bills”.

3 millions it’s pretty big and I doubt she will succeed but everybody can have a chance!

And Good News if you give more than 10 000 dollars you will be invited to her wedding 🙂

One thought on “Amy Borkowsky: 3 million dollar Super Bowl girl

  1. If she can generate enough popularity on a website to obtain $3 million, I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t need to buy the ad after all.

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