Advertise on this blog

After 1 month of full blogging for this new Blog, is now receiving about 75,000 page views for one month (and 50,000 unique visitors).

So I am starting now to sell advertising spaces at very small prices. These prices should increase in the next months with the growing audience, so consider to advertise right now at frozen prices for 4 months!

Check this:

  • A big banner 728 x 90 on the top, just above the content (where the current 728 x 90 adsense banner is located) : $60 for 1 month.
  • A 200 x 150 on top right sidebar (between the google search form and “Popular Articles”): $20 per month
  • A 200 x 150 on bottom right sidebar (where the entrecard banner is located): $10 per month

For other type of advertsing, please contact me at vincentabry @