$132 994 from Adsense in 1 month

Blogger and Webmaster Jeremy Schoemaker aka “Shoemoney” answered questions on his blog about the famous picture where he is holding a $ 132 994.97 Google Adsense Check.

Check is real even if it’s hard to believe (click to enlarge) :

Shoemoney Adsense Check

It was for the month August 2005 and we can see the full month report from AdSense (he has permission from Google to display CTR and eCPM rates) : (click to enlarge)

August 2005 Shoemoney Adsense

– revenues were made on his website Nextpimp.com (Wallpapers and Free Ringtones)

– it’s 100% user generated content (494 000 members)

– at the time his expenses were 1 server @ 299$ per month for hosting, so it’s at least 130k profit.

– none of traffic was PPC (Pay Per Click) but was 70% from direct access, 15% from search engines and 15% from referrals

– stats : 75 000 uniques visitors per day

– to the question Do you think its possible to still earn that kind of revenue? (most often asked question), Jeremy answers : YES.

– Shoemoney never tried to make any money the first 1.5 years it was running. He just concentrated on providing a good service. About 2 years after he started the site he started to do good revenue from AdSense

Insane, no ?! these nice pics make me living again… even if people like “Shoemoney” are not a lot in this world…

And see, there is more to come: Shoemoney says that Adsense earnings only count for 5% of his total revenue on his websites.

In october Shoemoney’s blog gave him $ 30 000 in direct sales (advertising logos, banners).

In march 2007 he earned $ 709 626.81 as an affiliate of Commission Junction.

Shoemoney Commission Junction

Back to Adsense Check, when I look on comments in the post, Shoemoney says:

“I have a good friend that was doing about 2M per month.. so that would be about 65k per day so yes 100k every few days for sure is possible”

The guy who is speaking about must be Marcus from Plentyoffish.com (2 millions unique visitors per day!)

So I am going to bed now and I will put Shoemoney’s Adsense Check just above my bed.. may be it will bring me success…

20 thoughts on “$132 994 from Adsense in 1 month

  1. Why the hell post and stumble something that is this old ?

    And do you want us to say, good for him that he found a niche , build a ring tone site that looks like a tard on a toaster…

    If you wanna earn money online you need to make a site for the “dumb” people

  2. I am finding this hard to believe as there are some obvious disparities.
    First the check is for $132,994.97 while the revenues for the month were 133,024.97. There’s $30 which are missing. I think that this is clever marketing on behalf of Shoemoney and Google, which tries to show us that you could make big money with adsense if you really try hard..Which is true, but very very tough.

  3. Hi..
    Can you please tell me what website builder
    you use to build your adsense websites ..
    Thanks Justin ..

  4. BTW, that 300,000 is per day and it took me 15 years to get to that point and many mistakes along the way. Content is king, always has been and always will be.

  5. I think Adsense is losing its standard because of the spam in youtube. Some serious spammers and abusing it and many people do not know how to flag or report those videos. All the publishers should report and flag those videos as spam. Youtube takes those videos off immediately. Please do this. Do not encourage spammer. Let me know if you need help.

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