Anamorphic illusion for Rayban

anamorphic illusion

Super Clever Sunglass Illusion is a rare and weird illusion using only … paper and imagination.

First anamorphic illusion in 2012 by youtuber brusspup :

Alison Gold Music Video : Chinese Food

Is it a fail or a win ? Choose! “I love Chinese Food” !

I Love Chinese Food

According to the unlikes on youtube it’s not the best song ever. May be the web has found the new Rebecca Black.

US Government Shutdown Cost

How much does the Government Shutdown cost to the Economy ?

Closed Congress

– $24 billion overall impact to US Economy

– 2.4% new projection for annualized growth of the nation’s gross domestic product in fourth quarter, instead of 3% before Shutdown.

– $152 million lost per day in travel spending

– $76 million lost in daily visitor spending in national parks in 12 states

– $160 million: The amount that federal government furloughs cost the economy each workday

– $737.95: amount the average consumer will spend this holiday season. It’s 2% less than last year

– 358,000: The number of initial unemployment claims last week


The Tinder : Official Movie [Parody]

It’s like The Social Network trailer except if it is Tinder, an app that will make things happen.

Note : Tinder is a social dating app for singles looking for some adventures.

Basket Ball Stuck on the Hoop after missed Dunk

It’s what I call a totally missed dunk…

“The Brooklyn Knight attempts a dunk but loses the ball and gets it stuck on the basket standard. Visit for more highlights.”

Ed Lauter Dies At Age 74

Ed Lauter

“Veteran character actor Ed Lauter’s long, angular face and stern bearing made him an instantly recognizable figure in scores of movies and TV shows. His career stretched across five decades. He was 74.” (source : npr)

Monster 18-foot oarfish discovered


“Jasmine Santana, a 26-year-old instructor for the Catalina Island Marine Institute, was snorkeling in Toyon Bay on Sunday afternoon when she saw a half-dollar sized eye staring at her from the sandy bottom. That eye belonged to an 18-foot-long oarfish, a find so rare, the institute hailed it as a “discovery of a lifetime” in a news release.” [ABCNews]

18-feet Oarfish

What is Online Dating ?

love sites

As people become busier with their lives it becomes increasingly difficult to meet members of the opposite sex. Over the past several years the concept of online dating has gained popularity and has become a mainstream way to effectively meet that special someone. Studies have shown that 1 in 6 marriages came about because the individuals meet via an online dating site.

Internet dating is a great way to narrow down the individuals you would actually be interested in going out on a date with. The online dating process is a great way to really get to know someone before meeting them face-to-face. Many people felt hey were more open in honest developing that connection through email and phone calls. The process is working for many people as they embark on happy relationships with individuals they would have never otherwise meet.

Online dating sites general start by having you post a detailed profile of yourself including your likes and dislikes and what type of partner you are looking for. The option to post images of your self is provided and recommended. Many online dating sites also have you go through a serious of personality questions, which allow the online dating system to recommend matches to you. Once your profile is online you are able to search the database for potential matches. At this point each online dating site has their own systems for contact members but all of them allow you to keep your personal information private until you are ready to provide it.

Date on the Web  has become a great way for busy people to find possible mates. The systems protect your privacy, while allowing you to meet several fantastic options.

End of the World on May 21, 2011 ?

There is a Christian preacher from California that is going around saying that the world is going to end on May 21, 2011. The preacher, who name is Harold Camping, has attracted many followers including Christians. Him and his group called The Family Radio have been putting billboards in many major cities trying to warn people about the end. This group has attracted many followers including Christians, but most people dismiss this prediction as utter nonsense.

This is not the first time that a religious leader has tried to predict the end of the world. Joseph Smith, who is known as being one of the founders of the Mormon religion predicted that the world will end in 1843. Evangelist Pat Robertson was convinced that the world was going to end in 1982. One of the most recent scares happened in 2000, when many people thought that the world would end. The bottom line is that people have been trying to predict when the world would end for many decades now. The world is chaotic and is getting crazier by the day, but there is one thing for sure; it will end when people least expect it and not when a religious leader says it will.

Paper Boat.. Giant

The biggest paperboat in the world comes from England … and it works !!

bateau papier

Katy Perry Video Firework

This is the new video clip from Katy Perry “Firework”.

The video was done in Budapest and It starts as a message of acceptance of differences.

Kanye West Delta Airlines Flight

Kanye West singing Gold Digger on a Delta Airlines Flight.

Nobody interrupted his song.

Jonathan Duhamel WSOP 2010 Winner


Jonathan Duhamel won the WSOP 2010 and is the new king of Poker.

Playing against John Racener, Duhamel had 188,950,000 in chips and Racener only 30,750,000 before entering final fight.

With Duhamel win, he is the first french speaking person (quebecer french canadian) in the world having the title. Duhamel is 22 years old from Boucherville, Quebec and he is a student in Finance.

Duhamel wins 8.9 millions dollars and Racener 5.5 millions.

Historic hand between Matt Affleck and Duhamel :

Duhamel Racener

The Obama dancing in India

President Barack Obama and his wife know how to relax and be cool.

That’s what they have done in India at Diwali festival when they were invited to join children on the runway.

Classy and very nice attitude !

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